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Friday, 25 June 2021

PPP Manual developed by the World Bank with the support of the UK Government

The Six-Volume Manual on Public-Private Partnership has been published on the official website of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine. https://me.gov.ua/Documents/Detail?lang=uk-UA&id=2bc79196-a3b2-41a9-86e2-f55f9a8f5c9c&title=MetodichniRekomendatsii

(soon will be available in English)

The Public-Private Partnership Manual for Ukraine was prepared in the framework of the World Bank Project "Strengthening the use of public-private partnerships (PPP) for better management of public investment" funded by the World Bank with the support of the UK Government.

The document is the result of the work of the staff of the WB in collaboration with external experts.

For reference:

The World Bank of Ukraine Team: Ms. Nataliya Biletska (WB Senior Public Sector Specialist), Mr. Ian Hawkesworth (WB Senior Governance Specialist), Mr. David Duarte (WB Senior Public-Private Partnership Specialist), Mr. Bruno de Cazalet (Senior PPP Consultant), Mr. Grant Hauber (Senior PPP Consultant), Ms. Irina Zapatrina (Senior Consultant), Ms. Elena Timusheva (WB PPP Specialist), Mariya Myroshnychenko (WB Specialist)




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