Supervisory Board

Yuriy Shemshuchenko, Head of Supervisory Board


Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine director of V.M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law of NAS of Ukraine,;

He is the only jurist in Ukraine,who has become a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, acting member of International Academy of ecological law (USA), Expert of Council of Europe on ecological law, a member of the arbitrage in Hague and other scientific institutions.  He is an honored worker of science and techniques of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize in field of science and technique.

Yuriy Shemshuchenko is the author of about 800 scientific works, including 12 individual and collective monographs on urgent issues of constitution, administrative, ecological and agricultural law, history of state and law of Ukraine.  He is a leader of Ukrainian scientific school of ecological law. He was initiator of edition of the first in Ukraine multivolume scientific work "Juridical Encyclopedia" (1998—2004) and received together with its other authors  the State award of Ukraine in the field of science and techniques.

Yuriy Shemshuchenko was a member of Constitutional Commission and work group on preparation of the Constitution of Ukraine, participated in preparation of many draft laws and codes: «On protection of natural environment», «On science and scientific activity», «On the capital of Ukraine – city-hero Kyiv», Ecological and Land Codes of Ukraine. For 10 years he was a head of the Commission  on issues of citizenship under the President of Ukraine. At present he is a member of presidential commission on reforming of law-enforcement agencies, scientific adviser of the head of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Yuriy Shemshuchenko  was the founder and the first head of the largest public legal organization – Union of lawyers of Ukraine (1991—1993), assisted to the activity of the World Congress of Ukrainian Lawyers. He was one of the founders of the Academy of juridical sciences of Ukraine.

Leonid Kisterskiy, Member of the Supervision Council


Doctor of economic sciences, professor, well known in the world specialist in field of international economic relations. Director-founder of Institute of international business cooperation  (Kyiv).  A member of international scientific council on UNO problems (New York), a member of specialized councils on defense of dissertations for doctor degree in Kyiv Institute of international relations under National Kyiv Shevchenko University and in the Institute of world economy and international relations of NAS of Ukraine.   

He was an adviser on economic issues in the Secretariat of United Nations Conference for Trading and Development (UNCTAD, headed National center for implementation of international technical assistance in Ukraine, performed researches and lectured in leading scientific centers and universities – Institute of economy of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv National V. Hetman Economic University, Konstanz University (Germany), Braun and Stanford Universities (USA),  High business schoolа (Poland), which resulted in a number of scientific works and pupils.    

In 1994 the Biographical Council of the USA has awarded L. Kisterskiy a rank «The man of the year» with a gold medal for outstanding service in development of natural sciences. He has International award for the great achievements in political sciences.  

He is the author of more than 100 scientific works including 11 books and manuals on international economic relations and international finance  issued by the leading publishers of Ukraine, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Great Britain, Poland, Germany and other countries.

Georgiy Pocheptsov


Doctor of philological sciences, professor of National academy of public administration and Mariupol state humanitarian university. Author of more than 50 books, including:   Strategic wars  (2009), Media: theory of mass communication (2008),  Strategic communications (2008) etc.




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