The Institution «Ukrainian Public-Private Partnership Development Support Center  is a non-profit organization founded by Valeriy Heyets, academician, vice-president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on April 27, 2010.



V. Heyets - doctor of economic science, professor, academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, honored worker of science and technique of Ukraine (2000), laureate of the State award of Ukraine in science and technique (2002), laureate of Mikhaylevych’s award for outstanding achievements in computer science, theory of optimization and system analysis (2005), the laureate of the award "Man of the Year - 2005". Since 1998 - academician-secretary of the Department of Economy of NAS of Ukraine, a member of Presidium of NAS of Ukraine. In 2004 he was awarded the award "For merits" of the 3rd category; academician-secretary of the Economic department of the NAS of Ukraine (1998 - April 2009 г.), vice-president of NAS of Ukraine (since April 2009); director of PI Institute of economy and forecasting of NAS of Ukraine. (since 1997).

V. Heyets is a leading scientist-economist who has founded and develops scientific school on macroeconomic (theory and models of economic forecasting) and finance (financial safety, budget and debt policy, taxation and tax stimulation of economic development). He grounded the strategy of economic development of Ukraine for a long-term perspective. In accordance with the strategy it was formed targets of sustainable economic growth, institutional transformations, innovation-investment modernization of economy, structural-technical integration renovation and as a result integration into the world economy. He brought forward a new concept of economic growth in conditions of instability. At the moment the interests of academician Heyets are concentrated at solution of society, state and business interaction problems in part of creation of efficient mechanisms of their influence on the further capitalization of the Ukrainian economy and ensuring of its self-sufficiency as a subject of international activity.

As a result of his scientific researches V. Heyets has published about 260 works including 33 collective and individual monographs, some of them are: "Transformation of the model of economy of Ukraine: ideology, contradictions, perspectives" (1999); "Economy of Ukraine: results of transformation and perspectives of growth" (2000); "Instability and economic growth" (2000); "Innovation strategy of Ukrainian reforms" (2002); "Economy of Ukraine: strategy and long-term development policy" (2003); "Transformation processes and economic growth in Ukraine" (2003); "Ukraine in dimension of economy of knowledge" (2006); "Innovation perspectives of Ukraine" (2006); "Strategic challenges of the ХХI century to the society and  economy of Ukraine: In 3 vol." (2007). He was a scientific supervisr of 9 doctor and 15 candidate dissertations.

V. Heyets combines scientific activity with socially-scientific and public activity. He is a member of Section of social-humanitarian sciences of the Committee of the state prizes of Ukraine in field of science and technique, a member of Coordination council on issues of financial sector policy, the Chairman of expert commission of the Highest attestation commission of Ukraine, the deputy head of Supervision council of Kyiv national economic university, a member of Supervision council of Kyiv national trade-economic university, deputy head  of State Commission on issues of economic and social development strategy, a member of Central board of Union of economists of Ukraine, a representative of  Inter-agency analytical-consulting council on issues of productive forces  and productive relations development, the president of Ukrainian public institution "Ukrainian association of economic cybernetics", a member of public-political union "Ukrainian forum".

The objective of establishment of the Center - assistance in development of public-private partnership for implementation of socially important infrastructure projects; stirring up the use of scientific-technical potential and innovation technologies for solution of  tasks related to modernization of life support systems; assistance in increasing of investment attraction of the Ukrainian economy and its regions.

The Center is established in form of Institution with clearly determined objective and tasks that is based on a new for Ukraine and widely used in the world model of implementation of projects of social importance initiated by the well-known and honored personalities who play a key role in formation of the new pioneer directions in development of the society.

The use of this legal form for the establishment of the Center was proposed by Irina Kucherenko, doctor of juridical sciences, professor, leading researcher of V.M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law of NAS of Ukraine, Civil an Commercial Law Division and a member of the Board of our Center from the daye of its establishment till her sudden death on July 13, 2012.




Irina Kucherenko was a great person and a real scientist, well know not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Her professional achievements were awarded . She has received: appreciation of The Head of Kyiv City State Administration “For the important contribution in progress of legal education and science.”, appreciation of The Head of Kyiv City State Administration “For the important personal contribution in the reforming of the national economics and forming market economy structure in Ukraine”, Special award in the nomination “Popular science, theoretical and practical and directories editions in legal sector (compilations of legal texts, commentaries, reference books etc.)” of The Ukrainian Lawyer’s Union, Special award in the nomination “Joint legal monographic editions” of The Ukrainian Lawyer’s Union, Best award in the nomination “Joint legal monographic editions” of The Ukrainian Lawyer’s Union.

Irina Kucherenko has left large heritage of normative-legal acts, books and articles.

She took active part in lawmaking process and scientific examination of legal texts, in preparing of such bill draft as: Civil code of Ukraine, Housing code of Ukraine, Law of Ukraine On Business Associations, Law of Ukraine On basic beginnings of the state housing policy, Law of Ukraine On Enterprises in Ukraine, Law of Ukraine On Privatization of State Housing Fund, Law of Ukraine On Business Associations. Made an scientific examination of such legal texts as: bill drafts of Law of Ukraine On Changes to the Civil Code of Ukraine, Law of Ukraine Executive procedure, bill draft of Law of Ukraine On The state registration of the rights to real estate and transactions with it.

Irina Kucherenko had more than 100 publications (in Ukraine and abroad).

The Most Important Publications:

1. Common property of the co-owners of block of flats, Kyiv, 2007, p. 371-378;

2. Forms of incorporations of legal persons of private law, Kyiv, 2004, 328 p.;

3. Law of property of private legal persons, Kyiv, 2002, p. 59-100;

4. Legal persons. Enterprising companies, Kyiv, 2003, p. 166-187, 187-211;

5. Legal person, Kyiv, 2004, p. 103-231;

6. Legal person, Kyiv, 2006, p. 229-269;

7. Enterprising companies, Kyiv, 2006, p. 270-318;

8. Contract of sale, Kyiv, 2006, p. 6-53;

9. Legal status of housing association, Kyiv, 2006, 27 p.;

10. Associations of co-owners of block of flats as special holding form of private housing resources, Kyiv, 2006, 35 p.


From the first days of our Center’s establishment the Mayor of Mykolayiv, Volodymyr Chayka has joined its Strategic Council. He supported the idea of PPP development in Ukraine, actively participated in the work of the Strategic Council till his sudden death on March 2, 2013. Just before that we have discussed with him new opportunities of using PPP instruments for infrastructure projects implementation in Mykolayiv.chaika 

Mykolayiv City Council has become the first partner of our Center. The main cooperation principles in field of PPP between the Center and Mykolayiv City Council have been fixed in the Memorandum signed on July 7, 2010.





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